Halilit Collection 2024

Every moment is a thrill with the Spinning Tube, a spectacular toy with a smart design that encourages babies to move their bodies and explore fascinating sounds and colours. The ideal design for both infants and toddlers. SPINNING TUBE ROLLING DISCS Our interlocking discs are a superb toy introducing babies to magical movements and helping them create gentle knocking sounds. The innovative smart design enables babies to separate or join the discs, enjoying them solo or as a pair. A captivating experience. TT498 // 7290019529125 // 3m Product: 13x10.5x11 cm / 0.13 kg | Master: 12pcs / 33.5x28x25.7 cm / 1.9kg TT496 // 7290019529118 // 3m Product: 15.5x11x16 cm / 0.234 kg | Master: 12pcs / 35x32.7x35.5 cm/ 3.3 kg 5