Halilit Collection 2024

SHAKING DRUM Your baby will enjoy exploring the multisensory effects of this Shaking Drum, as it creates gentle sounds combined with fast and slow movements of colourful beads and shapes. The perfect early ages toy for developing important skills. Visual Stimulating book included. TT490 // 7290019529071 // 3m Product: 19.3x6.1x21.7 cm / 0.279 kg | Master: 12pcs / 53x20.7x24.2 cm / 3.7 kg INTERACTIVE TUMMY TIME COLLECTION A fantastic collection of modern developmental toys designed to enhance your baby’s sensorimotor experience during tummy time. What is Tummy Time? Tummy time is when babies are placed on their stomachs to play. It’s an important way to help them reach motor milestones by building upper body strength, lifting their heads, rolling over, reaching out for toys, and eventually crawling. Our Interactive Tummy Time Collection has been created to give your baby many happy moments during this vital growth stage, as adult and baby explore a wonderful world of movement, colours, and sounds together. 450 YEARS OF MUSIC