Halilit Collection 2024

Help your baby develop important motor, sensory, and vision skills with the ideal developmental play set for tummy time. The combination of the Shaking Drum, Spinning Tube and Visual Stimulating Book, gives baby a delightful way to engage with many varied movements, colours, and sounds. Beautifully designed toys, ideal for infants and toddlers. TUMMY TIME SENSORY SET TT4930 // 7290019529170 // 3m Product: 20.5x13.8x19.2 cm / 0.503 kg Master: 6pcs / 43.5 x 42.8 x 22.7 cm / 4 kg TT492 // 7290019529088 // 3m Product: 12x8.5x14.6 cm / 0.145 kg | Master: 12pcs / 48x26x17.7 cm / 2.1kg ROCKING SHAKER The Rocking Shaker’s unique hemisphere design introduces baby to a world of new colours, sounds, and movements while discovering many different visual and audio effects. A beautiful modern toy for early ages. • SHAKING DRUM • SPINNING TUBE • VISUAL STIMULATING BOOK 650 YEARS OF MUSIC