Halilit Collection 2024

A melody echoes through time, a tune that was born in 1941 when Halilit opened its first workshop and began to produce musical instruments. For decades, the voices of Recorders, Xylophones, and many other Halilit instruments ignited passions in musicians’ hearts. Then, in 1974, a thrilling new symphony began – a symphony for tiny hands and boundless imaginations. We started to craft musical toys, each chime a joyful note, each rattle a song of discovery. For 50 years, we have watched children play our creations, their eyes sparkling with the magic of music. To you, our business partners, conductors of the playtime orchestra, we raise a grateful chorus of appreciation. Thank you for sharing our timeless magical melody. May the music never fade, and may every generation find harmony with Halilit.