Halilit Collection 2024

2 EGG SHAKERS Elegant unique design. Striking sound effects of high and low. Pleasant tactile grip. Two perfect sounds – high and low. HL516 // 7290017267487 Product: 11x11x5.5 cm / 0.075 kg | Master: 60 pcs / 46.2x29.5x28.5 / 5.5 kg VIBRA SHAKER Extremely light and durable. The innovative design lets you control the sound effects by simply moving the ball along the slider. The resonating chamber features metal hammers to produce rich and deep sounds. HL513 // 7290017267326 Product: 22x7x7 cm / 0.079 kg | Master: 24 pcs / 41.2x23x31 cm / 2.6 kg AGOGO Play high and low percussion beats, rhythms and endless sound effects. The beautiful design features a pair of durable resonator boxes in different sizes. Never lose it - special mallet storage slot. Innovative ergonomic design. GUIRO The creative design lets you play high and low sounds through a simple pressure of your fingers on the flexible, yet durable body shape. Built-in mallet. Highly comfortable to hold. HL514 // 7290017267333 Product: 29x7x7 cm / 0.121 kg | Master: 12 pcs / 56.2x23x17 cm / 1.9 kg HL515 // 7290017267340 Product: 28x15x7 cm / 0.105 kg | Master: 12 pcs / 54.2x23x33 cm / 1.9 kg 59