Halilit Collection 2024

HL510 // 7290017267296 Product: 19x25x5 cm / 0.239 kg Master: 12 pcs / 48x33x22 cm / 3.5 kg SHAKER MARACAS An endless cocktail of sound effects. Vary the sound produced by simply moving your fingers over the shaker’s head. The modern design enables easy one-handed grip. Play lots of high and low shaking beats and crisp sound effects. Ergonomic slim design. Flexible shock absorbers within the handle make playing comfortable and fun. Solid, light and sturdy construction, alongside quality jingles and the easy comfort grip, make this the perfect Tambourine. Featuring an innovative pair of internal shock absorber devices. TAMBOURINE HL511 // 7290017267302 Product: 10x8x4 cm / 0.044 kg Master: 60 pcs / 33.5x21.5x26 cm / 3.4 kg HL512 // 7290017267319 Product: 14x21.5x6.5 cm / 0.176 kg | Master: 24 pcs / 42x41.5x31.5 cm / 5.2 kg 5850 YEARS OF MUSIC