What are the safety standards for toys ?



What are the safety standards for toys ?

International safety standards are applied in order to maintain maximum safety and reduce injuries to children, and prevent use of hazardous products.
Safety standard for toys is complex and requires us to a long and thorough series of rigorous tests in order to make sure products are safe. Be sure to purchase quality products that are safe for your child

Does Halilit product comply with international safety standard?

Yes. All of our products are being tested regularly for European EN71 standard and also for American ASTM safety standard.

How do we determine what is the appropriate age grade for each instrument or musical toys ?

Everyone knows how important it is to expose children to sounds and music. Halilit expert team in collaboration with educational consultants and engineers determine the age grade of a product taking into account children’s skills at each development stage, the complexity of an instruments, and safety aspects..
Be sure to give your child a musical instrument and musical toys that is suitable for his or her age which will sure guarantee experience and pleasure.

How do we tune our xylophones (glockenspiels) sounds?

After producing the xylophone bars, each individual bar  electronically tuned to A440 . (The general tuning standard for musical pitch). Once playing on our xylophones you will surely enjoy the wonderfully accurate sound.

Is it possible to learn how to play music on musical toys?

Playing top quality musical toys has an important contribution to expose children to the magical world of sounds.It is the basic first stage to learn music.
Halilit musical toys designed respectively to the development stage of children .At age of 12 months children can start learn how to play the xylophone, and then recorder or harmonica …. hence the sky is the limit