The contribution of music

  • creative
  • fine-motor-skills
  • rhythm
  • listen
  • imagination


The development of creative thinking is a long and fascinating process that involves the activation of various stimuli in a child’s brain. Within this complex process, it is not always possible to understand precisely how the combination of imagination, experimentation, and natural wonder contribute to the formation of creative connections. Playing musical instruments significantly enhances the development of many different tools for simple and complex creative thinking processes, giving everyone – and growing children in particular – the creative abilities they will need throughout their lives. Encouraging creative thinking leads to the ongoing development of creative intelligence, an important trait that contributes to children’s success in all areas of life.


Fine Motor Skills

A child’s motor skills begin to develop at an early age, relying on a wide range of visual and aural stimuli and the ability to comprehend the relationship between them. Every child has natural stages of active and passive motor development. Using colorful musical instruments combined with a range of rich sounds helps to synchronize the senses and contributes significantly to the development of fine and gross motor skills. Halilit’s musical toys are designed to provide precisely that vital support to motor skill development.


Sense of Rhythm

All instruments are essential elements in the development of children’s natural sense of rhythm. The wide range of wonderful percussion instruments designed by Halilit for children and infants help them to identify sounds and rhythms, until they progress to more rhythmic musical patterns. Developing this sense of rhythm significantly contributes to children’s natural development and deepens their understanding of movement. When children play with various percussion instruments while also listening to suitable music, it immediately stimulates their natural sense of rhythm and greatly improves their rhythmic and movement capabilities. Rhythmic movement is a milestone in childhood development, when children can combine physical motion with musical beats. Halilit provides a range of unique percussion instruments suitable for all ages.


Listening Skills

Listening skills are significantly enhanced by the immediate stimulation from playing a musical instrument at any age. Each sound has a different meaning, and when children learn that they can create different sounds – high or low, soft or hard – by playing each instrument, they develop positive listening habits. Good listening skills are linked to the important attribute of concentration skills. We all know that children quickly lose focus, particularly when they have poor listening abilities, and it is clear to everyone that musical instruments can help to improve concentration at any age. When children successfully play a simple, recognizable melody, that feeling of real achievement reinforces their concentration and listening skills. Halilit presents a range of instruments specifically designed to encourage and enhance children’s listening abilities.



When the senses of sight, hearing, and touch work together they greatly influence the development of children’s imagination, motivating them to generate many more stimuli during creative play. Exposure to musical instruments at a young age gives children a new way to activate their imagination while receiving immediate feedback. It also aids them in their constant search for a dynamic process that has a huge impact on their world of sound, color, and movement. When we see young children trying to play their first notes on an instrument, we recognize that their imagination is guiding them to create new sounds. Music is considered one of the most important tools in developing an imagination that shapes and enriches our world.