Halilit Collection 2024

5650 YEARS OF MUSIC Melody Tubes produce joyful tuned sounds. Simply thump them with the palm of your hand. Melody Tubes’ simplicity lets everyone play music - alone or with friends, at home or in school – it is always time for music! The colourful Melody Tubes are tuned, one octave, C to C. MELODY TUBES MS8000 // 7290006631190 // 24m Product: 30.5x4x64 cm / 0.750kg | Master: 8 pcs / 37.5x32x67.5 cm / 4.96 kg MP4208 // 7290017267760 // 18m Product: 30.5x5x15.5 / 0.370 kg | Master: 12 pcs / 32.3x31.8x34 cm / 4.8 kg The Sound Blocks are fantastic for helping children improve their musical skills and tactile senses through playing. Get ready for hours of fun with the Sound Blocks, the perfect integrated educational musical instruments for the classroom. EGG SHAKER CLASSROOM TRAY Fabulous unique design with fantastic easy grip. Placed on a tray. Great for a group activity. MP35925 // 6m Diatonic Glockenspiel, accurately tuned. 2 mallets included. GLOCKENSPIEL (XYLOPHONE) MX2008 // 36m SOUND BLOCKS