Halilit Collection 2024

RP6603 Rock ′N′ Roll RP6601 My Bells RP6602 Clip Clap RP6604 Tambaring MINI ORCHESTRA Easy to hold enchanting rhythm makers. A variety of sounds, colours, visual effects and musical fun. RP6600 // 7290014329652 // 6m Product: 26X24X6 cm / set 0.444 kg | Master: 6 pcs / 30x27.5x26.5 cm / 3 kg Sensory Fun 3650 YEARS OF MUSIC TINY TRIOLA Three beautiful musical instruments that combine a modern child-friendly design and pleasant rhythmic sounds. All three produce unique soft sounds, ensuring endless creative fun. The perfect musical gift! MS3006 // 7290017267173 // 3m Product: 28X6X16 cm / set 0.259 kg | Master: 6 pcs / 38.6x29.5x19.2 cm / 1.9 kg