Halilit Collection 2024

3450 YEARS OF MUSIC MS9015 // 7290014329805 // 6m Product: 26X22.2X8 cm / set 0.348 kg | Master: 6 pcs / 46.6x26.6x28.5 cm / 2.3 kg CALYPSO BAND Help little ones discover the soothing rhythms of tropical music with this vibrantly-coloured set, including maracas, a cage bell, and a tambourine. The perfect introduction to music everyone enjoys. MS4001 // 7290006631282 // 12m Product: 31.5X23X6.8 cm / set 0.77 kg | Master: 12 pcs / 47.5x42x34 cm / 10.16 kg TODDLER MUSIC ORCHESTRA A fun collection of popular instruments for young children, each one specially designed to promote kids’ musical development. Give this set to your toddler and listen to an entire orchestra of self-expression and musical creativity!