Halilit Collection 2024

MS5005 // 7290014329904 // 6m Product: 20X18X6 cm / set 0.316 kg Master: 6 pcs / 39.7x21.3x21.0 cm / 2.18 kg WINDOW BOX MSB5005 // 7290019529224 // 6m Product: 22x25x6.3 cm / 0.392 kg Master: 6 pcs / 40.1x23.5x28.1 cm / 2.8 kg MY FIRST BABY BAND Stimulate the senses with this delightful set. Perfect for little hands to hold and shake. Bright and fun colours encourage the curiosity of young children. Great for an early introduction to music. MUSICAL NATURE FRIENDS Croak! Oooh! Croak Ah-Ah Three delightful animal-themed instruments: Owl, Frog, and Monkey! By blowing in Owl’s air gate in the top of Owl’s head, rubbing Frog’s tummy, and pressing Monkey’s head, little ones will learn about the wonderful sounds and rhythms of nature. MP39503// 7290019529132 // 24m Product: 17.4x6.2x10 cm / 0.127 kg | Master: 12pcs / 36x20x22 cm / 1.75kg Whoo Whoo! 2850 YEARS OF MUSIC