Halilit Collection 2024

SOUNDS OF THE FOREST Help the baby Owl call for his mother as you travel through an exciting forest landscape. The captivating interactive storybook includes a baby Owl whistle that cleverly introduces children to the fundamental skill of making music. SF2017 // 7290014329737 // 24m Product: 25.5X16X15 cm / 0.25 kg| Master: 6 pcs / 39x26.5x17.3 cm / 1.8 kg SOUNDS OF THE LAKE Explore a fascinating world of sound with Froggy as he journeys through the lake, trying to find his way home. The set includes a unique Frog toy to help develop childrens’ rhythmic skills. SL2018 // 7290014329751 // 24m Product: 25.5X16X15 cm / 0.261 kg | Master: 6 pcs / 39x26.5x17.3 cm / 2.04 kg Combine Music and Reading MUSICAL TOY & STORY BOOK MUSICAL TOY & STORY BOOK 2450 YEARS OF MUSIC