Halilit Collection 2024

MUSICAL PALS DUET Delightful musical friends, easy for little hands to hold, with a smooth, durable, child-friendly texture. Toddlers will love to shake them and explore their secret jingling and rattling sounds. Play with them separately or create your own fun-filled duet. HC5200 // 7290019529026 // 3m Product: 19.3x6.7x22.5 cm / 0.206kg Master: 6pcs / 42.5x20.7x25.5 cm / 1.6 kg MUSICAL PAL BELL MUSICAL PAL SHAKER Shake or rock gently to discover the secret rattling maraca sound. Stimulates children’s natural curiosity and rhythmic skills. Shake softly to discover the secret sound of a gentle bell. A wonderful multi-sensory early development activity. HC520 // 7290019529002 // 3m Product: 12.3x6.7x22 cm / 0.122kg Master: 12pcs / 43.5x26.3x25 cm / 1.9kg HC521 // 7290019529019 // 3m Product: 12.3x6.7x22 cm / 0.109kg Master: 12pcs / 43.5x26.3x25 cm / 1.9kg 15