Halilit Collection 2020

4 Mini Glock Xylophone Beautiful design with rounded shape the Mini Glock produces gentle sounds playing with the soft mallet. Easy musical experience. Featuring beautiful rainbow colors, clear sounds, and a safe modern design suitable for babies and toddlers, this xylophone (Glockenspiel) is an ideal introduction for children discovering a whole world of sounds and music. Product: 15X6X22 cm / 0.3 kg Master: 12 pcs / 38.3x31.5x24.5 cm / 4.10 kg Product: 16X4.8X22.5 cm / 0.412 kg Master: 12 pcs / 34x31.5x30.5 cm / 5.30 kg MX3010 // 7290014329553 // 12m MX3011 // 7290017267135 // 12m