About Halilit

Looking for fantastic first class Educational Musical Toys?

Welcome to halilit , a family private company specializing in development and production of top quality educational musical toys since 1941. It was a long and challenging journey of intensive investment and development.

Inspired by a deep love of music we created a wide wonderful collection of unique, safe and innovative musical toys for all ages. It’s the passion, profession and the hard work that has made Halilit’s musical toys so popular .

Millions of young children worldwide being first exposed to the magical world of sounds, playing, shaking and rattling our fantastic collection of top quality Educational Musical toys, produced with much love and care.

Our products are offering endless possibilities to improve children’s skills , creativity and abilities .

We are very proud with our large family of honored loyal customers and friends. We are truly grateful for your contribution to our success and would like to say Thank You to each one of you.

The talented, devoted and enthusiastic Halilit team is constantly ready and happy to support your requests. We will continue our vision to bring happiness and smile to children all over the globe.